Smart WiFi Circuit Breaker

Whilst browsing the internet, I have just happened upon this device. Basically it’s a domestic circuit breaker. We all have domestic circuit breakers in our homes, well most of us do yet some may still have the old style ‘wire’ fuses.


Anyhow,… this device allows for remote alert and resetting of the breaker via a wifi connection. So with a suitable ‘app’ on your mobile phone’ this means if the breaker trips for whatever reason you are alerted to the circumstance. Moreover, using the app you can ‘remotely’ reset the breaker.


So for example, if the breaker ‘trips’ and the breaker is associated with the circuit on which your freezer is powered, if you’re sat sipping cocktails by the side of a pool, or whilst enjoying other social events or doing other things, you can reset the breaker and save your freezer full of food from defrosting. Is this a good thing?


NO! Why?


The breaker has tripped for a reason, and this requires intimate on site investigation. Simply resetting the breaker, without first investigating why the breaker has tripped, reintroduces the fault circumstance to he electrical system for which the breaker is a protective device.


In other words remotely resetting the breaker without investigation of the cause of tripping, could provoke damage to the freezer, to other electrical appliances or even fire ignition.


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