Computer says “No”

I consider myself fortunate that many years ago when at school I was taught to use mathematical tables and the rudiments of the math underlying the use of the tables.


I also consider myself fortunate that also when at school (1970-1975), I was introduced to the first ‘electronic’ calculator!!!


Above all when using electronic mathematical ‘aids’, the teacher informed that if we were careless when ‘inputting’ numbers the answer would be incorrect so I was taught methods and procedures to quickly and efficiently check the answers the electronic calculator presented.


The teaching I received well-grounded me to understand to use calculators and computers as a working aid and not to readily accept data generated from inherent function machines, algorithms, artificial intelligence, neutral networks or whatever as a definitive, absolute answer.


Eur Ing Dr Robert Brown (Robert) is a Consultant Engineer in the fields Electrical Electronic and Control Engineering. Robert is also an accomplished professional Expert Witness having prepared and presented many court compliant reports and presented oral evidence within the High Court, Crown Courts and County Courts.


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