Construction Industry Services

Fraser George and Associates Limited offer a range of inspection services to the construction industry particularly with regard to the electrical sector.

It is a requirement of all construction companies to align themselves with the Construction Industry ‘KPI’ (Key performance indicators) intiative. A significant, good KPI score, indicates to prospective clients of a construction company that the companies work is independently audited and that the work is consistently being monitored for quality, price, good workmanship, safety, and customer satisfaction.

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Useful Documents

Useful Documents

Professional Credentials

The supporting documents of Dr. Robert Brown. An expert witness in the fields of electrical, electronic and control engineering. A renowned expert in the operation and design of electrical fuses, circuit breakers and other electrical fault protection systems, specialising in how these devices operate in domestic and industrial systems.

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White Papers and Reference Material

Documents for aid legal and insurance professionals, engineers, and individuals with the intent to help understanding of electrical matters most commonly the focus of disputes, i.e. electrical shock, electrocutions, electrical fires, poor electrical working practices and the like.

 Electrical Certificates and Electrical Regulations for Legal and Insurance Professionals

 Electrical Shocks for Legal and Insurance Professionals

 Electrical Fires – Harmonics in Electrical Systems