Trading Standards

Fraser George and Associates Limited has acted for numerous Trading Standard Departments of County and Metropolitan Councils, where the practices of companies or individuals were questioned by customers or clients in terms of quality of work carried out, working procedures and monetary amounts requested for the supply of equipment, materials etc., and work duties.

Notable Trading Standard cases in which Fraser George have acted are:-

On behalf of Derbyshire County Council Trading Standards Department v Green Energy Power Solutions Limited

To help in the proposed prosecution of Green Energy Power Solutions Limited, who were suspected of falsifying and manipulating energy related data to promote the benefits of purchasing and installing electrical energy generating solar panels.

On behalf of Public Protection Services Department of the Vale of Glamorgan Council v Ellis

To help in the proposed prosecution of an alleged electrician, who had gone about the area undertaking electrical system installation work. The standard of the electrical works carried out was found to be far from satisfactory. For example in the case studied by Fraser George for the purposes of Trading Standard prosecution, twenty two (22) faults deemed to pose an immediate danger with risk of injury, were found.

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Useful Documents

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The supporting documents of Dr. Robert Brown. An expert witness in the fields of electrical, electronic and control engineering. A renowned expert in the operation and design of electrical fuses, circuit breakers and other electrical fault protection systems, specialising in how these devices operate in domestic and industrial systems.

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White Papers and Reference Material

Documents for aid legal and insurance professionals, engineers, and individuals with the intent to help understanding of electrical matters most commonly the focus of disputes, i.e. electrical shock, electrocutions, electrical fires, poor electrical working practices and the like.

 Electrical Certificates and Electrical Regulations for Legal and Insurance Professionals

 Electrical Shocks for Legal and Insurance Professionals

 Electrical Fires – Harmonics in Electrical Systems