Electrical/Electronic inventions that changed the world – Radio/Wireless Communication (1891)

In 1887 David Hughes transmitted Morse code over a short distance. A year later Heinrich Hertz (1857- 1894) produced and detected radio waves whilst undertaking experiments, yet did not realise the practical use of the phenomena.
In 1891 Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) began to research radio/wireless phenomena. Tesla was a ‘practical/experimental’ inventor and quickly understood the potential of the strange resonances and interactions caused by alternating currents, the focus of his main research experiments.
At the time Serbian born Tesla living in New York and produced generating, transmission and reception equipment hence radio/wireless began to progress. Tesla worked on radio phenomena for several years, filing several patents, presenting his ideas in London and creating a working long distance radio system based in New York.
However also at the time, Tesla was distracted by the disputes between his research of alternating current electricity systems and the direct current systems promoted by Thomas Edison. The distraction allowed Guglielmo Marconi to capitalised on the commercialisation from the development of radio systems.
Although the US Patent Office formally recognised the invention of radio by Tesla, it was in 1943 after the death of Tesla that the Patent Office overturned Marconi’s 1900 patent in favour of the earlier claims of Tesla.
Considered as one of the most world changing inventions, radio/wireless systems have progressed to spurn television, mobile phones, RADAR, wireless internet access, satellite navigation, and radio telescopes.
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