The Supreme Race

The Supreme Race – The dynamics of the evolution of a natural phenomenon, the scientific understanding of the phenomenon and the development of an engineering solution to stabilise and negate the effects of the phenomena


The Competitors:


  • Nature
  • The understanding and application of science
  • Time (t)


Philosophical commentary


“The goal of science is to acquire knowledge and understanding. The goal of engineering is to develop solutions to problems armed with tools of scientific knowledge and understanding. Such problems unfold whilst nature evolves over time to a steady state condition given the stimuli of environmental change”


Or in simple terms, …


“The goal of science and engineering is to build better mousetraps to be effective at a particular time given the understanding of the attributes of a particular species of mouse, whilst the goal of nature is to build better mice”


Or more aptly, …


“Given present scientific knowledge and understanding of a particular virus organism, the goal is to develop and manufacture a vaccine to combat the effects of a particular virus organism over a particular window/period of time. This is undertaken whilst for whatever reason the virus organism evolves within the same time period and becomes more virulent, provoking the increased need for scientific knowledge and understanding of these circumstances, which presently is sparse”


In the meantime, …


The steady condition at the end of the time period may not be the same as the steady state at the outset, yet scientists and engineers are striving to develop solutions, armed with ever changing scientific knowledge and understanding to minimise any difference of state level.


Patience is the calm acceptance that things may happen in a different order than those held in the mind and take time to evolve to a steady state.


So, please be patient, science and engineering will triumph.


Eur Ing Dr Robert Brown (Robert) is the Executive Director of Fraser George and Associates Limited and is a Consultant Engineer in the fields Electrical Electronic and Control Engineering. Robert is also an accomplished professional Expert Witness having prepared and presented many court compliant reports and presented oral evidence within the High Court, Crown Courts and County Courts.


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